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Tick Off

Flea Off

Safe and effective year round deterrent of ticks and fleas.

Mix for dogs and Mix for cats are made form natural plant oils and are considered a low risk veterinary product by Health Canada.

Tick Off for dogs and Flea Off for cats are made from natural plant oils and are generally recognised as safe by the USA FDA and EPA.

The oils are formulated to make your pet smell and taste like a plant so that blood biting insects are not interested

Mix for Dogs/Tick Off

Mix for Cats/Flea Off

Our Products

Our products were developed out of a sincere caring for the health of your dog. It is designed to be used on a monthly basis for year round deterrent of ticks and fleas, skin conditioner and odour control. Application should be increased to every 2 weeks just prior to and during tick and flea season. If you start usage of this product during during the insect active season it is completely safe to double the dose on the bottle and continue bi-weekly applications. Make sure the product is applied directly to the skin, rubbing it in with your hands if necessary. Do not bath or let your dog swim for 24 hours after application to allow for absorption.

Safe for human contact immediately after application

Safe and Effective

Quintin’s K9 Products Ltd.is a family owned and operated business that cares about the safety and health of your pet, your family and the environment. Our low risk veterinary products are 100% plant based, with no synthetic chemicals.

We believe that we have the best and safest barrier to nature’s unwanted guests on the market. We have tested Tick Off, Flea Off, Mix for dogs and Mix for cats in thousands of field tests and the results have been outstanding.. 

Quintin’s K9 Products

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